2015 Fishing Creek

Herb Guild

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Start a compost
pile this year.
For helpful tips, 
click on  "Guide to Composting at Home" on the Web Links page.
The Bloomsburg Town Park
Herb Garden has been rescued
(and weeded)
by a few guardian angels from our Guild. They're
looking for a few more gardeners  who can refurbish the garden.
Call Tammy Derr at 441-5123
if you can help.
Be sure to visit the
beautiful gardens at 
the Barton House
when you visit the
Bloomsburg Fair. 
The Fishing Creek Herb Guild welcomes you to our website. We hope that you enjoy your visit and come back again.
Annual Dues
Herb Guild Dues
are $15 per year.
Prospective members 
interested in joining
us may audit one
meeting at no charge.
Save these dates:  
March 19th- 6:30 pm
April 16th- 6:30 pm
May 21st- 6:30 pm
June 25th- 6:30 pm
July 16th- 6 pm
August 20th- 6:30 pm
Sept. 17th- 6:30 pm
Oct. 15th- 6:30 pm
Nov. 19th- 6:30 pm
Dec. 10th- 6 pm
Garden Quote
of the Month
"To plant a garden
is to believe in the
  -Gertrude Jekyll
Did you find our
Herb Guild Display
at the Fair?
It's in the Agriculture
Building. Look to the
right as soon as you
enter the building.
You'll find a Blue
Ribbon in the center
of this exhibit. 
Pictures are on the
Potpourri page. 

What's New? 


The next meeting of the
Fishing Creek Herb Guild
will be held onThursday, 
October 15th, 6:30 pm,
with a visit from the
owners of Ballengee Farm. 
Our Bloomsburg Fair
Herb Exhibit was
awarded a 1st Place
Blue Ribbon for an
outstanding display.
Congrats to the
Fair Committee for
their labor of love
with this exhibit.
Have a gardeninhg
question? -maybe the
answer is on our
Web Links page.
Haven't been to a Guild
meeting this year?
We've moved and we
want you to join us.
Go to Shiloh Bible Church,
123 Church Street,
Bloomsburg, PA. 17815.
Church is in Almedia-
(ten minutes from our
previous location).
Go to the
"Where Are We?"
web page for directions
to our new home.
Monthly Herb Study
Each month an herb is
studied for its variety of uses
including medicinal, culinary
and ornamental. If you are
interested in learning more
about herbs and gardening, 
attend a meeting to see if you
would like to become a
member of the Herb Guild