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Welcome Spring

The Fishing Creek 

     Herb Guild

Welcome to our website. We hope that you enjoy your visit with our club and we'll look forward to seeing you at our next Guild meeting.
The Plant Sale is our Activity for the May Meeting. Wish List requests are posted on the Potpourri Page. 
E-mail your plant requests to Toni F.  
What has the Barton House Committee been up to lately?
What has the Barton House Committee been up to? Click on the Barton House link for the answer.
The New News
The Plant Auction is coming so start looking to see what plants will be ready to donate for the next meeting on Thursday, May 17th, at 6:30 pm at St. Luke Lutheran Church, Lightstreet. Be sure to pot your donations at least a week ahead of the sale and arrive early so that the plant sale committee has time to set up. Bring tags to put on plants that you wish to purchase and bring $1's to pay for auctioned plants.

Our guest for April was Erika Funke of WVIA Radio/TV. She explored Herbs in Medieval Medicine through Sister Hildegard of Bingen. Click on the April Program Page for the Spelt Cookie Recipe and for the list of Hildegard's Herbs.  

Marion K shared her research on dandelions as the Herb of the Month.

The Fishing Creek Herb Guild sent a donation to WVIA public radio in honor of Erika Funke.  Erika, who did a wonderful presentation for her program on Hildegarde of Bingen, had declined an honorarium, so we had it acknowledged on WVIA  radio from "Fishing Creek Herb Guild, In Honor of Erika Funke", Friday, April 20th, at 7:30 am during the news program,"Morning Edition."

Save the dates June 26, 27, 28 for the Herb Guild trip to The Cleveland Botanical Garden and The Cleveland Museum of Art plus other Ohio gardens. Details and costs on Garden trips web page. There are only a few seats remaining.
A Minute with Marion-
                                                ~THERE IS HOPE~
To very loosely paraphrase a quote about gardeners, it has been said that gardeners are very hopeful people as they put their trust in Mother Nature and Father Time to reap their gardening rewards. A similar statement can be made about educators as they sow the seeds of knowledge often times not knowing what were the fruits of their labors.

So, when the two combine as they did on April 7th, "Hope springs eternal". On that surprisingly seasonal Saturday, Bloomsburg University students wearing their "Big Event" T shirts, joined forces with members of FCHG's Barton House and Town Park Gardens committees to ready them for the the 2018 season.  

Fifteen BU Huskies helped Diana B, Barb C and Bobbi F snip, clip, rake and carry seed laden stems away to be added to compost piles. Six other students did the same, helping Tammy D and Debbie W haul two very large pick-up loads from the Town Park Herb Garden for composting. 

Now we wait, fingers crossed for steady, warm temperatures.
Garden Quote of the Month
Earth laughs in flowers.
          -Ralph Waldo Emerson