Fishing Creek Herb Guild

Herbal Meanings

These connotations are linked with the following herbs:

Aloe:                 healing, protection

Angelica:           inspiration, magic

Bay:              glory, honour, reward

Calendula:       sacred affection, joy, remembrance, grief

Chamomile:      energy in adversity, patience, long life, wisdom

Chives:              usefulness

Dandelion:            faithfulness, happiness

Dianthus:           dignity, woman’s love

Dill:             preservation, good spirits

Dogwood:           love undiminished by adversity, durability

Fennel:           strength, worthy of praise, flattery

Garlic:         protection, strength, healing

Grass:            submission, utility, usefulness

Iris:                message, wisdom, faith, valour

Ivy:                  patience, fidelity, undying love, eternal life

Lavender:          virtue, acknowledgement

Lily of the Valley:     contentment, return of happiness, let’s make up

Marjoram:       joy,  happiness

Mint:     eternal refreshment, wisdom, virtue

Mugwort:          tranquillity, happiness

Mustard:        faith, indifference

Nasturtium:         patriotism, victory in battle

Pansy:        happy thoughts, meditation

Parsley:            useful knowledge, feast, joy, victory

Rose:                love, victory

Rosemary:          remembrance, love, loyalty, fidelity

Saffron:          beware of success

Sage:              wisdom, long life, esteem immortality, esteem

Sassafras:           foundation, considered choices

Sunflower:       haughtiness, lofty, pride, pure thoughts

Thyme:      activity, bravery, courage, strength

Violet:     humility, devotion, faithfulness, forgiveness

Yew:       immortality, sorrow

Yucca:     opportunity, fidelity

Zinnia:    thoughts of missing friends