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National Gardening Association 
Gardener's dictionary, weed library, how-to videos, herb gardening guide, plant care
Penn State Extension

Gardening Education and Workshops
Herb Growing Tips
Medicinal Herb Info  
herbal remedies, medicinal herb dictionary
Plants in Bloom
See what's blooming this month.
Small Kitchen Garden 
Growing and Preserving Herbs
You Bet Your Garden
          with Mike McGrath 
Beginner's Gardening-Everything You Need   To Garden With Kids
Gardening, By George
George Weigel's online newsletter.
Ultimate Step by Step 
            Guide to Composting
A Way to Garden
with Margaret Roach- Head Gardener
Advice from the Herb Lady /
         Deer Resistant Herbs
 Garden Rant - 
   The Gardener's Blog
Gardening Guide:  
Resources, Organizations, Indoor Gardening, Blogs, Podcasts
Herb Society of America
Beginner's Guide to Gardening
How to get your garden started.
Kids's Gardening -
A National Gardening Association resource 
that provides help with family gardening and
school gardening activities.
Gardening With Children

Rick Mikula's Butterflies 
Flower and Vegetable Growing Guides
Gardening Ideas
lots of photos and tips for gardeners
Everything Organic 
Your Guide to Organic Gardening

Harvesting, Drying and 
      Freezing Herbs        
Pepper Patch