Fishing Creek Herb Guild

2017 Home Page
Guild Meetings
are held on the
third Thursday 
of each month
at 6:30 p.m.
Anyone who would like to join can do so by paying 
$15 dues at any meeting March through November. 
Cilantro/Corriander 2017 Herb of the Year & May Herb of the Month
Save these dates:
   March 23
   April 20
   May 18
   June 15
   July 20
   August 17
   Sept. 14
   Oct. 19
   Nov. 16
   Dec. 14
Hibiscus Close Up

The Fishing Creek Herb Guild

Welcome to our website. We hope that you enjoy your visit 
with our club.
The New News
The next meeting will be held Thursday, October 19th, at 6:30 pm. Our program will be Berry Fields Farm with the Gerlachs of New Albany. Herb Study Presenter, Joanne Reichart, will research the Jerusalem Artichoke. 
Anyone who wishes to participate in the November program, "Better Than Martha" 
should contact John S. with your topic.
The Herb Guild Bloom Fair Exhibit is located in the Agriculture Building. Click on green box at left for photos. Thanks to Bonnie B and the Exhibit Committee for setting up this display.

Also when you visit the Bloomsburg Fair, be sure to visit the Barton 
House to see the historic herb and vegetable gardens lovingly planted 
and cared for by the Barton House Garden Guild Committee.  
Click on green box at left for garden photos.

Marion K. requests help tending the Bloomsburg Town Park Garden. 
Could two members answer her call? The garden needs deadheading 
and weeding during September and October.  
If you have not yet been a meeting hostess or missed your turn, 
contact Janet D to signup for October or November. It is okay to 
bring a dish to share even if you are not a hostess for that meeting.

Garden Quote of the Month
A chrysanthemum by any other name 
would be easier to spell. 
                                            -William J. Johnston

Ferris Wheel in Sunset at Niagra Falls photo by Louise M
Buffalo GardenWalk photo by Louise M
Buffalo GardenWalk July 2017