Fishing Creek Herb Guild

Guild Committees 
Location:  Barton House on the grounds of the Bloomsburg Fair.
Meet: Monday nights at 5 pm during the growing season.
Duties: Gardens are planned and planted to represent plants that would have been available in the 1800s flowers, vegetables and herbs.
Chair: Bobbi F
8 Members:  More needed.
Location: Agriculture Building at Fair
Meet: Planning meeting called by chair; Display installed Thursday prior to the fair.
Duties: Pick an herbal theme, assemble plants and display. Install display at Fair.
Chair: Bonnie B
6 Members
Location:  Bloomsburg Town Park
Meet:  2nd Wed. and 4th Thurs. at 5 pm (or at your convenience)
Duties: To develop and maintain the first garden that the Herb Guild established. A subsidy has been voted to assist in its development; any plants from the annual plant sale or personal gardens are welcomed. 
Chair: Marion K
6 Members: More needed.
Meet: Chair arranges meeting.
Duties: Make the annual Guild's Christmas ornament for the December party.
Chair: Nancy G
1 Member:  More needed.
Meet:  Group selects work schedule.
Location: St. Luke's Lutheran Church
Duties: To plan a garden featuring herbs from the Bible. Members will plant and maintain garden.
Chair: Brenda A
4 Members:  More needed.
MeetDec 14th, 5:30 or earlier
Duties: Set up tables and provide drinks for the party.
Chair: John S
2 Members:  More needed
Duties: To archive and maintain materials published or produced about the Guild on an annual basis. 
Includes: newspaper articles, clippings, obituaries, annual bus trip info, Christmas favors. 
                             Members are asked to send newspaper clippings to historian.
Chair: open
Meet: Chair coordinates meetings.
Duties: Selects book to be donated to each area library that has a member of the Guild. The committee makes the year's selection, purchases the books and arranges for distribution.
Chair: Joanne R.
1 Member:  More needed.
Duties: Write summary of each meeting along with gardening tips and e-mail to members. 
Chair:  (Your Name Here) There is no quarterly newsletter at this time, anyone interested?
0 Members    
Meet:  Prior to the November meeting
Duties: Specified in the Bylaws: A Nominating Committee of at least two members will provide a slate of officers. Nominations can be accepted from the floor with the consent of the Nominating Committee. 
Election of officers will be held at the November meeting.
Chair:  Brenda A
1 Member: bylaws require 2 or more.
Location:  The Pavilion at St. Luke's Lutheran Church
Meet :   June 15th no later than 4 pm at the Picnic location
Duties: The Committee sets up picnic area and tables and provide beverages. Each Guild member brings a covered dish to share; members of the committee are not responsible for a covered dish. 
Chair: Marion K
2 Members:  More needed.
Location: St. Luke's Lutheran Church
Meet: May 18th for the auction; chair can call preparation dates
Duties: Solicit list of plants wanted by members; distribute labels to members for information on plant name, date potted, grower, and sun/shade needs. Have guild members bring plants early on auction day, arrange plants and auction material; select winning bids, and arrange for payment and pickup of all plants.
Chair: Bobbi F
4 Members:  More needed.
Duties: Prepare Guild info for newspaper club news section. Summarize meeting minutes for web page.
Chair: Marion Krum
1 Member:  More Needed
Meet: Prior to the year and/or early in the present year, members meet to select the venue for the annual Guild bus trip.
Duties: Select itinerary and costs. Arrange for member registration and payment of trip. Keep group on schedule and take care of trip details. Facilitate activities and keep track of members along the way.
Chair: JoAnne F
4 Members:  More needed.
Meet:  Work is done online as needed.
Duties: Set up web pages, adhere to netwok policies, update web links, locate photos and transfer to web pages, add Guild info to site as needed, update site with meeting alerts and program changes. 
Chair:  Toni F
2 Members:  More needed.
Meet: during January and February
Duties:  Prepare Guild Yearbook with illustrations and have ready for distribution by the first meeting.
Chair:  Brenda A
2 Members