Fishing Creek Herb Guild

Meeting Minutes 
Sawmill Lawn Art Gator
The Butterfly Guy
Rick Mikula shared his "secrets" on attracting butterflies to our gardens at the July Guild meeting.
Carl Cantaluppe April Guest Speaker
Preston Boop March Guest Speaker
Cilantro -
Herb of the Month
John S gives the herb talk on cilantro.
Picnic Table Centerpieces
Painted Rocks were added to our club's Town Park Garden, very cool!
Dr. Rachel Leskosky's Office
September Meeting Greeter
Freas Farm Winery
John's Donut Station at the Better Than Martha November Mtg
Deb's Cup and Dishes Garden Suncatchers
John's November Table Centerpieces
Deb's Dishes Craft Demo/ November Mtg
Fall Centerpieces at the November Meeting
Karen's Demo at November Mtg
Summer Picnic at the Pavillion
Community involvement with the Kindness Rock Project.

May Meeting

Auction Time Auction quote a Texas Fix and Flip auctioneer, Fishing 

Creek Herb Guild held its annual plant auction at St. Luke's Lutheran Church, 

Lightstreet Road on Thursday, May 18th. With smaller plants staged alpha-

betically and larger ones by category, well over a hundred specimens filled the 

activity room and hallway tables. Not one plant went homeless which made for 

a very successful event. Already, we anxiously anticipate next year's offerings.


As members drifted back to their seats, they were greeted wth a short presen-

tation on "Tomatoes" and, as always, a delectable array of dishes to sample 

prepared by this month's hostesses.


Herb of the month was cilantro, a plant whose flavor may have dubious effects 

on individuals tasting it. It seems its flavor is directly related to one's genetics, 

human not plant.  Twenty percent of the human population find cilantro to taste 

like dish soap, while eighty percent find it quite tasty, especially in tomato dishes. 

All parts of the plant are edible. Like other cool weather plants, it bursts forth in 

the cool spring, sets its seeds and dies back. If you let it, it spread its seeds, you 

will have a second plant burst in the fall. It can be preserved for use throughout

the winter by freezing.


Looking forward to next month, start planning which of your favorite delicacies 

you would like to share at the annual guild picnic, to be held in St. Luke's pavilion 

located behind the church, Thursday, June 15, starting at 6:30 pm. You may 

choose to bring a main dishes, a dessert, or both. As in the past, bring your own 

place setting. All else, including drinks will be provided by the picnic committee. 

Tables will be available to those who wish to sell their wares.


Fishing Creek Herb Guild meetings are the third Thursday of each month, March 

through December. New members may join any month through November. 

Annual dues of $15 help to defray presenter and room fees.

April Meeting
Right to business- 
President John Shott opened the April meeting held at St. Luke's  Lutheran Church, Lightstreet Road, 
with a review of officers' and committee reports. 
Of timely concern are: Trip to Buffalo, N.Y., Garden Walk. As a few seats are left, be sure to contact 
Joann Fogelman for reservation details.   
May meeting Plant Auction - start potting those volunteer poseys you may not want.  Check the guild 
website for members' wish list requests.  
Town Park Garden -  Tammy Derr explained plans for a "Little Library" box to be erected in the garden. 
She invited club members to join maintaining this beautiful and aromatic garden. Regular work nights 
include the second Tuesday and fourth Thursday of each month beginning at 5 pm (or upon arrival). 
However, weeding, deadheading, and watering can be done at one's discretion.  
Picnic-  will be held during the June 15th meeting at the church pavilion. Committee members need 
to be on site by 4pm to prepare tables, bringing a variety of drinks for all. They do not need to bring 
a covered dish as general membership is so responsible


Main Speaker-
Mr. Carl Cantaluppi of the Penn State Cooperative Extension Service taught us well on the establishment 

and maintenance of fruit trees and grapevines. A key point: soil testing and amendments are crucial.  

We would greatly benefit from future talks given by Carl.


Herb of the Month- Fenugreek /Presenter- Ellisandra Lunger
Grown locally, fenugreek is an annual plant packed with nutrients such as anti-oxidants, vitamin C, 

potassium, protein and niacin, to name a few.  The meeting closed with the sampling of a wide variety 

of hostess prepared fenugreek dishes.

March Meeting
The Fishing Creek Herb Guild's first meeting in March got all the dirt on "Compost Happens" with the 
featured speaker, Preston Boop, of Briar Patch Farm". The herb of the month presentation was on saffron, 
one of the most expensive herbs used in cooking.
This first meeting, held at a new location, also concentrated on organization. Old and new members were 
signed in and given the annual yearbook with all information. The annual picnic has been changed for this 
year to June 15th and the September 14th meeting will be the second Thursday of the month instead of the 
usual third Thursday. More hostesses for food are needed especially for the July, Oct. and Nov. meetings. 
The annual plant sale is scheduled for May. The annual bus trip will be July 28, 29, 30th to Buffalo NY for 
their annual "Buffalo Garden Walk", featuring over 400 private gardens. Reservations for members and the 
general public are available. See Garden Trips web page for details.
A new committee, "Bible Herb Garden" is being developed in conjunction with St. Luke's Lutheran Church. 
The Bloomsburg Town Park Garden committee was granted $50 towards plants and materials. The garden 
is the public area and completely maintained by Guild volunteers. 
                                     All committees need more members.
The April 20th meeting's speaker will be Carl Canteluppe, "The Art of Growing Fruit Trees and Grape Vines". 
This is our designated "Bring A Friend" meeting and members are encouraged to escort a guest to our 
April meeting. Guests or prospective members may attend one meeting except the May plant sale or 
December Christmas party.
Meetings are held at St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Bloomsburg. Full information is on the website