Fishing Creek Herb Guild

Does anyone have flowers yet? These snowbells came up in January when the sun made a  brief appearance. Send your garden photos to the Webmaster.
Do you have an FYI to share with our group? Sign up with John for a slot at our next meeting.
We are collecting books and magazines for our lending library at the town park. Bring your donations to our next meeting and give to Tammy D. 
Need a gift? Herb Guild Cookbooks are now available for $10 and will be sold at the Herb Guild meetings. 
Books are also available on Wednesdays at the Lewisburg Farmer's Market -make a beeline (pun intended) to Aucker's Honey stand in the main building.
Check out the garden shop, Cerridwens Gardens on Fifth Street in Bloomsburg. This shop has interesting garden decor, fresh flowers, wreaths, a Christmas section, bridal area and an herbal section. Our guild cookbook is available at this store.
Bloomsburg Town Park Herb & Flower Garden
Wanted: Fairy godmothers to help with Guild gardens.
Bloomsburg Town Park 
Herb & Flower Garden
(contact Marion K)
Barton House
Historic 1800's Herb & Vegetable Garden
(contact Brenda A)
Town Park Garden Bridge
Town Park Garden