Fishing Creek Herb Guild

Marion's Minutes
President John Shott opened this first mtg of 2018 by introducing Sheri Edelson of PSU's Main Campus Arboretum. Sheri gave a very informative, enlightening overview of this relatively young garden, the land acquired in 1989 and its humble creation starting in a hay field through to plans for a tropical conservatory.  For an in depth study visit either the website, email: or call 814.865.9118
Business mtg
VP Janet D'Alberto thanked tonight's hostesses and reported fewer will be needed for subsequent mtgs. She reminded all to sign the attendance sheet and sign committee lists.
Treasurer Brenda Aucker reported the account balance.
Trip committee member Karen Reigel reported this year's trip will span June 26 through 28.
Day 1: Youngstown and Akron, Ohio
Day 2: Cleveland Botanical Garden and Museum of Art
Day 3: Bluestone Perennials Gardens, Erie Zoo, Campbell's Pottery.  
Lodging: single occupancy-$429, double-$311, triple-$272, quad-$252 each.
Herb of the Month:  Lady's bedstraw presented by Ellisandra Lunger.
The meeting came to a close with members and guests enjoying an Irish-themed variety of delectable delights.
Marion Z. Krum

FCHG Thursday, 4.19.18
Pres. John Shott opened the meeting by welcoming members and three guests. He then turned the meeting over to VP Janet D'Alberto who introduced the evening's speaker, Erika Funke of WVIA Radio. Erika spoke on the accomplishments of Hildegarde of Bengen.

Hildegarde, born in Rhineland, Germany, in 1089, the last of ten children was sent to live in a hermitage at age 8. Growing up there, she learned of herbs and plants and theology so profoundly, she became the one to whom locals turned for healing of the body and soul. Living to age 81, she authored 9 medical books whose findings stand accurate today. 

Business mtg:
Plant auction chair Bobbi Fleming reported:
members with dues paid can make purchases, minimum bids -$1, bidding paper will be provided, bring bags/boxes to carry treasures, please bring small bills to make payment, send specific plant requests to Toni F to post on the website, may donate other plant/gardening items. The auction will be located in the activities room.

Trip committee: chair Joann Fogelman reported 46 of 54 seats are now taken, gave an overview of the sites to be visited June 26, 27, 28, lastly reminded all the bus will depart from Home Depot 6:30 a.m. on the 26th.

Barton House: Chair Brenda Aucker reported work will start Monday, April 23.

Town Park Garden: Tammy Derr reported  the Eagle Scout will be erecting the Little Library this August. Tammy will bring a box to the May meeting for book and magazine donations.

Treasurer's report.
The meeting closed with partaking of refreshments.
Marion Z. Krum